A Sore, A High

by Greg Purser

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Wren Short song, cuts deep. Favorite track: Theon.
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released July 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Greg Purser Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Bran
Oh sleepy child of spring,
you chill me to the bones
Embrace you as my king,
then you leave me all alone.
I've been an epic fool,
and withered all away
Although I might seem cruel
It's cause no one ever stays
And I'm falling slow
In dreams I see my fate
In sleep I finally live
Seems all I do is wait
The more you take the more I give
So take these broken things
I find there is no need
For when we speak of kings
Someone has to bleed
And I'm not like you anymore
Would you stay
Just one more night
Could you say
It will all be alright
Track Name: Arya
I've been a child, I've been a sheep
But neither suit me well
Now I ain't mild and I don't weep anymore
Soon there'll be not a tongue to tell
I am a wolf
So you better start running
I am a wolf
And winter is coming
So with a needle and a prayer
I will tear them down
Meryn, Gregor, Raff the Sweetling, Amory
The Tickler and the Hound
Cause I am a wolf
So you better start running
I am a wolf
And winter is coming
But a wolf without her pack might as well be a dog
Yeah a wolf without her pack might as well be a dog
But I ain't no dog
I ain't no dog
I am a wolf
So you better start running
I am a wolf
And winter is coming
Track Name: Jon
Call me a bit naive
I was raised up to believe
A name had a meaning
And I'm meaning well
But being a bastard
Means skipping the laughter
Now I'm caught in the after glow
turning to smoke
But under a bleeding star, I'm reborn
Under a bleeding star, I'm rebornd
I've smelled the night air
Been part of the nightmare
I'm struggling not to tear
Tear this apart
Cause if you'd look you would clearly find
We're facing a different kind
Cause I've watched my brothers die
Multiple times
But under a bleeding star, I'm reborn
Under a bleeding star I'm reborn
I was so naive I thought I should shout
But when I opened my mouth
Only blood came out
So I dropped down on my knees
Took in the air
Wished for just one last chance
To muss up her hair
And after the third strike
I didn't feel bold
And as for the fourth, well
Felt only the cold
Track Name: Daenerys
You know me, you know me
So well, So well
Gods damn you for leaving me so soon
When I held you
I held you so close
So close, a wisp of smoke
Was all that you ever were
All you'll ever be
So honey, let it bleed
Just let it bleed
And I know what,
I know what it's like to be a fool
Everybody's fool now that you're gone
When I used to be your queen
And I'll show them
I'll show them that fire and blood
Fire and blood can rule the world
Our world
But when the night comes we'll catch fire
And my heart won't let you go
As our love becomes a pyre
We'll all soon learn something new to know
Track Name: Tyrion
To the bastards and the broken
I give my word
You will never go unspoken
But you will never be unspurred
I've learned that all men must die
But so few ever live
And any man can tell a lie
But so few ever give
Oh just give me
Some peace of mind, would you mind?
Just give me
What is mine
Shae, you know I'm cursed
Why would you do this to yourself
You're just a girl playing at being a woman
And you know what's worse
The way you case out all my fears
There's a reason I have them
That you could never understand
No you'll never understand
Sometimes I feel like half a man
Track Name: Theon
Words I said, oaths I meant
They're all gone
Washed away with salt and spit
Who'd have thought my iron heart
Would be questioned by
My own blood, I'm torn apart
So why do I even try
A families ties are the ones that bind
The ones that choke you in the end
I must choose
My closest friend, or my right
This is my iron price
You're like a brother to me
But I'm not sorry, I'm not sorry
You're like a brother to me
But I'm not sorry
Cause you'd do the same thing
If you were me
Track Name: Cersei
You came home late last night
Bottle in hand, bubbling for a fight
I made a move to get my knife
You were right there waiting on me
You know I always loved your eyes
Goddamn I wish I were a man
Wield a sword instead of lies
The gods see right through my bigger plans
So I close my eyes
As you have your way again
You spent your whole life being brave
But the one you love rots in the grave
When it's said and done, I'll be the one
Drinking you down